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Being a fan of the original movie, The Poseidon Adventure, and Irwin Allen disaster movies (well, most any disaster flick, actually), I wanted to see Poseidon very much. A total of 27 movies will be broadcasted, most of them for the very first time to the Greek audience. Our aim at the Gutsy Girls Adventure Film Tour is to connect like-minded women and build a community of supportive adventurous women. According to , the world's most cutting edge rides, shows and attractions challenge all your senses.” Enjoy the breathtaking 3-D ride, The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man, Incredible Hulk Coaster, Jurassic Park River Adventure and much more.

This unique live narrated tour with specially licensed video scenes from the various movies make this a must do activity on Kauai. Winner: Best Film at the Banff Mountain Film Festival 2014. Our mission is to create a film festival that empowers and inspires all who watch it. The tour is officially partnered with Jean Hailes for Women's Health Week to support women's health and wellbeing.

Captain Marvel is an upcoming motion picture set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the twentieth movie installment in the Marvel movie timeline, as well as the eighth installment of Marvel Phase 3. Women usually Joy know from experience that when a man fails the kiss test, then there is not much hope for the rest that follows.

It was that notion that led to Anthill Films creating an entire segment for Return to Earth around a group of care-free youth in the Whistler Bike Park. Founded in 2007 by Julie Kennedy, the 5point Adventure Film Festival showcases curated, soulful outdoor films, art, and performances-all shown in one common space.

Compared to other Marvel movies (ahem, Infinity War), Ant-Man and the Wasp is a breezy, light entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe that's a refreshing comedic detour in the franchise, with Evangeline Lilly joining the team of pint-sized superheroes as the Wasp.

Under the category of adventure films, we can include traditional swashbucklers, serialized films, and historical spectacles (similar to the epics film genre), searches or expeditions for lost continents, "jungle" and "desert" epics, treasure hunts and quests, disaster films , and heroic journeys or searches for the unknown.

We believe that communities are made better when their people pursue adventure and intentionally live their own best story. Mountainfilm Tour uses the power of film, art and ideas to inspire audiences to create a better world. An action-adventure story set in the border zone between Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil.

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